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“Clippd has given me a clear focus. It's given me more confidence”

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“Clippd has given me a clear focus. It's given me more confidence”

Matt Niedzwiecki will be familiar to members of Me And My Golf’s flourishing Take Charge Community on Facebook. He’s been a key member of the Me And My Golf team for the last four and a half years, and has worked closely with Piers and Andy for almost a decade. 

When asked how he’d describe his role in the team, Matt replies: “I play the free role, although sometimes it feels like I’m a box to box midfielder.” The football analogy is apt given that Matt was on Arsenal’s books as a goalkeeper and represented Wales up to Under-20 level. He’s also the son of Eddie Niedzwiecki, the former Chelsea, Wrexham and Wales keeper.

A talented all-round sportsman who represented his county in football, cricket, tennis and golf, Matt says golf was “a really good release” during his football career. He currently plays off a handicap of 0.4 and is a member of Chiltern Forest Golf Club, where he’d love to win the club championship. Matt has been using Clippd since last October.

You’ve been using Clippd for over six months. How have you found it?

Matt Niedzwiecki: What I really like about Clippd is the simplicity of it. It reaffirmed to me the things that I need to work on. I kind of knew what my stats were telling me that but to have that as a percentage - what difference that will make to your scoring - is great. These are the most important things that are going to help me score better. You don't have to guess. Clippd measures it.

Has Clippd showed you something that has surprised you about your game? 

Matt Niedzwiecki: Yes. It showed me that my short game is pretty decent. Clippd has also shown me not to worry so much about where I'm hitting it off the tee. I've always been a decent iron player with the scoring clubs, so it's really freed me up off the tee. I'm less concerned with the outcome now. I didn't actually realise how many opportunities I give myself for birdie! 

So do you trust what Clippd is telling you about your game? 

Matt Niedzwiecki: Absolutely. I'm seeing the data and it reflects what happened on the course.

Clippd measures golfing skill with two new metrics - Shot Quality and Player Quality. What do you look at first?

Matt Niedzwiecki: I look more at Player Quality. I like comparing myself to a tour pro [a Player Quality of 100 is male tour average]. I know I'm not going to get to that level, but I know there are certain shots I can hit that are on that level. With Shot Quality, knowing you can hit good shots is important, but I think understanding how good you are as a player is more important. 

And you can upload your rounds recorded on Arccos to Clippd at the touch of a button...

Matt Niedzwiecki: For an Arccos user it’s great to see that data get transferred to Clippd in a matter of seconds. When I first tried Clippd I was thinking, 'It's another platform. How's it going to differ?’ But the way the data is presented in Clippd is super artistic and engaging. It's just super clear and easy to understand. 

Clippd's Round Insights on a round Matt played in January 2023

Clippd’s insights have been designed to be easily shareable. Do you think that's got appeal for Me And My Golf members? 

Matt Niedzwiecki: As long as you're comfortable putting everything out there, it's no problem. With our community, they're all so happy to help each other and give advice, and they're always asking for it. So I think that's a really, really good thing. I also feel like it helps you get to know someone a bit. With social media, we follow people and we don't know them, but we think we know them. You really get to know people through golf!

Do you think you have seen an improvement in performance because of Clippd?

Matt Niedzwiecki: I wouldn't say an improvement in that I'm shooting super lower scores but I'm definitely shooting more consistent scores. More than anything, it's just given me a clear focus. It's given me more confidence. It's just trust. I put confidence and trust hand in hand because if you are feeling confident you really trust things.

Clippd allows you to record everything you do to play better golf – practice drills, range sessions, lessons, health and fitness work. What else do you do to play your best? 

Matt Niedzwiecki: I'm mega into strength and fitness but I've been pretty lax the last couple of months. I want to get back to it. I know when I'm doing certain types of gym work that I play better golf. It’s because I feel fitter. That's what I need to do more of, record everything else I do away from the course on Clippd!