What To Work On: Your roadmap to better golf

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What To Work On: Your roadmap to better golf

Imagine if you knew which parts of your game to work on in order to produce lower scores. What To Work On tells you exactly that, providing a detailed, data-led view of your game that breaks it down into sub-groups that link closely to a skill.

What does this mean? For Off The Tee (OTT), Clippd looks at performance with a driver, fairway woods and other clubs. For Approach (APP) and Putting (PUTT), we look at different distances, and for Around The Green (ARG) we look at the different lies a golfer will play from inside 50 yards.

We assess the impact all of these have on a player's overall game through three dimensions – Importance to Scoring, the Opportunity to improve and the Shot Quality Trend in terms of whether a player is getting better or worse at each group or skill.

Our Clippd Default algorithm then produces a personalised, data-driven and prioritised list of What To Work On suggestions, with deep, supporting information on each to help you make informed decisions on what to do next. What To Work On provides actionable insights that both player and coach can use to improve.

What is Importance? 

Importance shows the current impact a part of your game has to your scoring. It’s shown as a percentage value, where a higher percentage means that specific area is more important to your scoring.

What is Opportunity? 

Opportunity is your potential to improve based on your previous ability in that area. A higher percentage means a greater opportunity to improve. 

What is Shot Quality Trend?

Trend looks at whether your Shot Quality is improving or declining in a specific area. A green arrow indicates you are improving, a red arrow shows a decline.

What is Clippd Default? 

Clippd Default is the algorithm for prioritising the parts of the game a player should be working on. It ranks the groups by a combination of Importance, Trend and Opportunity, with more weight placed on Importance.

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