In his poem ‘Seaside Golf’, the English poet Sir John Betjeman uses “clipp’d” to describe the sound and sensation of a perfectly struck iron from the tight, sandy turf of a links course, almost certainly St Enodoc on the north coast of his beloved Cornwall.

What, you might ask, has this got to do with a technology business? The first thing to say is that Clippd is a technology business founded and staffed by passionate golfers. This means we are all attuned to the elusive frequencies of the sweet spot, an elixir for golfers of every kind.

Secondly, Clippd’s insights flow from the split-second club meets ball – whether in practice, in competition or in playing the one good one that brings you back. Our technology analyses each and every shot to reveal and understand your unique golfing DNA.

As a name, Clippd immediately felt right for our founders Ed and Piers. Their friendship began on Harry Colt’s wonderful links layout at Rye, home of the historic Oxford & Cambridge Golf Society and renowned as the best winter course in England.

Links golf asks a multitude of questions of the golfer — questions that can be answered in a multitude of different ways. The question Ed and Piers kept asking themselves is how can golfing skill be better understood.

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The answer is in connecting and unlocking the value of the huge volumes of performance data being generated by millions of golfers every day. GPS watches, integrated grips, launch monitors, simulators, manual entry scoring apps and a variety of other technologies have all contributed to making golf a connected sport, almost without anyone really noticing.

Formula 1, running, cycling and sailing are just a few sports that have made huge gains in performance from intelligent use of data. In the case of cycling, the engagement with performance data has revolutionised the sport — both at the elite level and for everyday cyclists – and resulted in a global boom in participation.

We want to help golf do the same. Clippd has been built from the ground up. The first step has been to listen and learn from everyone invested in the aim of helping golfers to get better at the thing they love. Establishing this feedback loop has helped us to develop Clippd, and is evident everyday in the discussions that take place in the Clippd Community.

“It is a great privilege to be working with the game’s best coaches and players to understand how they want the data to guide their performance.”

Our aim is to work with golf’s technology firms and governing bodies to deliver you the maximum benefit from the golf data that’s now so easy to generate. To that task we bring advanced data science, machine learning and AI, as well as an unlimited love for the game.

We recognise that every player is different. Nobody plays the game quite like you. Through aggregating and analysing all your golfing activities – on course and off course, our model predicts, measures and learns more about you. The result is feedback and insights that are unique, just as you are as a golfer.

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Our purpose

To connect rich data from multiple sources into a single platform, providing players and coaches with powerful insights to drive improvement, engagement and enjoyment of the game.

Our mission

To help players to truly understand their game and make better decisions about how to play, practice and improve.

Our vision

A connected sport that is open, inclusive and progressive, where everyone has equal access to the tools and knowledge to get the most from the game they love.

Our Community

Clippd is built by passionate golfers and developed in a constant feedback loop with leading players and coaches across the world. Join the conversation and be part of creating golf’s connected future.

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