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Margot Rouquette: “Clippd has everything that a golfer needs to perform”

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Margot Rouquette: “Clippd has everything that a golfer needs to perform”

Sacred Heart Senior Margot Rouquette on her hot start to the NEC season, playing ice hockey for France and how Clippd is helping her to identify what she needs to work on in order to achieve her goals

Margot Rouquette began playing golf as a four-year-old in Toulouse, in the south of France. In the fall season, the Sacred Heart Senior has been an individual medallist and scored two runners-up finishes. Her ambition is to turn professional at the end of the academic year, whereupon she plans to qualify to play on Ladies European Tour before one day making the step up to the LPGA Tour. 

Golf, however, was not what brought Margot to the United States. “All I wanted to do was play ice hockey,” reveals the 22-year-old, who has represented her country on the ice. She was 15 when she moved to a boarding school in Canada to pursue her dream, before later relocating to a school in the US.

Everything changed, though, when one of her teachers organised a golf camp for young players hoping to be recruited by college golf programs. “That's where I started getting an interest in college golf,” she explains. “I ended up getting in touch with Coach McGreevy, who is the head coach at Sacred Heart, and here I am.”

Margot is in her second season using Clippd.

Clippd has shown Margot that her Off The Tee and Putting drive her best scores

Congratulations on a fantastic start to the season. What do you put it down to?

Margot Rouquette: I think I've improved a lot in my game. Clippd has helped me a lot. I've been recording all my practice and every single round I play, even if it's just a random round of golf at home. I put everything in and it's been great to be able to see what part of my game I need to work on. Focusing on those little parts has allowed me to maximise my practice and it’s helped me with my game. I can really see the improvement.

You've had two second place finishes and an individual tournament win. Clippd shows that your short game is lights out good at the moment. 

Margot Rouquette: Yes, I'd say my chipping is a really big part of my game right now. With my putting, I've just started to make some long putts. I don't focus as much on making the putt, I visualise the ball going in the hole and that has been helping me with my lag putting, which has improved a lot. But I've also been putting a lot of drills for lag putting in Clippd and I've been able to see the improvements. 

Margot's short game has improved dramatically, aided by What To Work On in Clippd

My whole life people have been telling me I’m a really long hitter, and if I could only just focus on my short game. With Clippd, I've been able to do that. I've been looking at what I need to work on and I've just been focusing on those little parts, and step by step it's coming together.

The Clippd data shows the big improvement in your game began while you were at home in France over the summer.

Margot Rouquette: Yes. I played in a pro event at the beginning of June and I did quite well. I made the cut and placed around 30th. Then I had a bad tournament afterwards and I just started putting in more work on some bad habits that I had. My golf started rising from there. Results weren't great, but I started to feel better in my swing. With patience, I ended up winning a tournament and then finishing second in another one in August. Since then, I've had a first and two second place finishes.

"Clippd's What To Work On shows the importance of things in your game"

We're finding that the players who record the most activities in Clippd are the ones who are improving the most. Is that something you’re discovering, too?

Margot Rouquette: Yes. It’s not only rounds that are important, it's important you record all your activities, even just doing a putting drill or something out on the range. Let's say you do something useful before a tournament and then the tournament goes really well, you can research that first activity and do it before other tournaments. 

I like to put down notes on every single activity; how I felt that day, what I did right, what I did wrong, what I worked on. When I go back to look at it, it gives me a better understanding of why I was performing well.

Beyond being able to journal your entire game, how is Clippd helping you?

Margot Rouquette: I think the most important thing in Clippd is What To Work On, which shows the importance of things in your game. I like to look at that little circle where it shows what's important for you and what makes you score low. For me it's my putting and off the tee. I know that if I focus on those things, I'm going to score low. 

Margot's strong uptick in form began with a summer of tournaments in France

I also like to see the trends – what's starting to be good, what's starting to be bad. Maybe there is something that you forgot about because you thought you were good at it. But if you look at the trends in the app it brings you back to earth and reminds you that you still need to work on it. 

Overall, I think the app is great. It has everything that a golfer needs to perform, to be honest. It's the most complete app I've ever seen in golf. I love it. 

"If we keep practicing hard, I think we can maybe go and claim a third NEC Championship"

Have you shared your Clippd data with your coaches in France?

Margot Rouquette: I just received an email a few days ago saying that I could give my coach at home access to Clippd for free, so I forwarded the email this morning. Hopefully she'll sign up and be able to see my game in more depth. 

I've got two coaches. I've been working with one since I started golf. He knows me the best and I can talk to him about anything. Then I've got my technical and strategy coach. She used to coach Celine Boutier, who is a really famous French golfer. I've been working with her for maybe two years now. She's been helping me with strategy and fulfilling my goal of being a professional. 

You used Clippd last season with Sacred Heart. You had five top-10 finishes individually and the team won the North East Conference Championship for the second year running. How much better do you think you and the team can get this year? 

Margot Rouquette: I think we've still got a lot of room for improvement. The NEC in general has got stronger. All the other teams have also improved but I think if we keep using Clippd as we usually do, and if we keep practicing as hard as we did last year and as we’ve done at the beginning of the season, I think we can maybe go and claim a third NEC Championship.

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