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“A huge key to our success”: How Clippd is helping the ULM Warhawks to win

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Dan Davies
“A huge key to our success”: How Clippd is helping the ULM Warhawks to win

Rachel Pollock’s ULM Warhawks team is on a tear. In the first four tournaments of the fall season they finished 6th, 2nd, 3rd and 2nd. Then, in the final event of the semester, The Judson at Hattiesburg Country Club, they shot a superb 7-under-par 281 in the last round to seal a first tournament victory for the program since 2020 – and Rachel’s first as Head Coach.  

The coach and her players at the University of Louisiana-Monroe have been using Clippd for almost a year. As she was putting the finishing touches on an exciting National Signing Day for the program, Rachel took time out to talk about how Clippd is helping the Warhawks to hit new heights.

The team’s form in the fall season has been fantastic, culminating in the win at The Judson. You must be delighted.

Rachel Pollock: I'm so happy. We were chasing it. It was second place finish, third place, second. We were coming from behind and were able to pull off a really great final round, so we got a win in the fall, which was really nice. 

How much is Clippd helping you, Rachel?

Rachel Pollock: I love Clippd, I'll say it again and again. I look at Clippd every day before creating practice. We have a general idea of what the girls need to work on after watching them practise and qualify and compete day in and day out. But being able to break it down into such specifics, that's really helped us improve our weaknesses while still focusing on our strengths. We love the What To Work On feature, being able to see exactly what the greatest opportunity to improve is or what will impact each player the most. And when you play well, what does it look like? Seeing each player's individual formula is really cool. Everybody's so different. I think that's been the biggest positive for us.

Rachel with two of her most in-form players, Alessia Mengoni and Anna Andrysova

Has it been easy to get players to engage with Clippd and what it shows them?

Rachel Pollock: Absolutely. We give opportunities to the players to create their own practice a handful of times a week. I say to them to base it on their stats. I can tell because I know their stats inside and out. I can tell that they've looked at Clippd and they understand it. Being so visual, it's not just looking at a number in a box. They're able to see graphs and charts and easily understand their game and what they need to work on.

Has your success in the fall season led you to revise your goals for the season?

Rachel Pollock: We had a team meeting yesterday morning that was kind of recapping the season. I went over the team’s goals, which they had come up with. They checked off every single goal that they set at the beginning of the season, which was to break the single season scoring average, to break the 54-hole tournament record, which they did three times, and to win an event as a team. We’ve already checked off the three big golf ones.

Being able to break it down into such specifics, that's really helped us improve our weaknesses while still focusing on our strengths

I think that the goals will shift a little bit, but something that we like to focus on is the process. That was something that we were really keen on this semester, and I think we're going to carry that through. We haven't necessarily sat down and come up with golf-specific goals, but I think our process goals are going to stay pretty similar because they've been working. 

Do you think Clippd is contributing to the ULM Warhawks’ fine run of results this season?

Rachel Pollock: I definitely think it contributes. You're able to be so specific with What To Work On – what's good, how to work on it – and that’s been a huge key to our success. The how comes from coaching but having What To Work On and and knowing when to put those things in place, that’s huge. 

And you’ll always remember your first win as Head Coach, right?

Rachel Pollock: It's really special. I lost my dad really suddenly in December of last year. He was the reason that I got into golf so it was a special one.