New College Golf Ranking System Explained

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Mark Broadie, Columbia Business School
New College Golf Ranking System Explained

Professor Mark Broadie, the inventor of Strokes Gained, offers a detailed overview of the new College Golf Ranking System and provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Our goals are to provide a fair, accurate and transparent ranking system that reflects the desires and priorities of the NCAA membership. In accordance with these goals, the algorithm for the new college golf ranking system has changed from the original material published in the summer of 2023.

The changes have been made in order to improve the ranking and incorporate feedback from the membership. The main change, which was a strong preference of the NCAA membership, is to include stroke differential in the ranking, so now points will be awarded based on Stokes Gained in each event and will include stroke differentials at every finish position.

How the college golf ranking system works

Mark Broadie answers FAQs