Mardy Fish: Takeaways from tennis star's PGA Tour debut

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Josh Coles
Mardy Fish: Takeaways from tennis star's PGA Tour debut

How good was former tennis star Mardy Fish’s performance at the 3M Open on the PGA Tour? The one-time World No. 7 (and quarter-finalist in three of the four tennis Grand Slams) plays off a +3 handicap and shot 81, 74 (13 over par) at TPC Twin Cities. But as Clippd's Round Insights show, it's not the whole story.

"I certainly don't expect to compete to win the tournament necessarily," the 40-year-old said prior to the start of play last week in his native Minnesota. "But making the cut is something that I'm eyeing big-time." Well, the winner of eight ATP titles wasn't able to make it through to the weekend on his PGA Tour debut but how did his two rounds look in Clippd and what do his Round Insights tell us?

1. Off The Tee

Much is made of how far tour players bomb the ball these days. Looking at Mardy's OTT data however, it's clear he's up there with some of the longer hitters out there. His average distance for round one was 301 yards for an Average Shot Quality of 90 whilst in round two he averaged 310 yards for an Average Shot Quality of 116. Remember, 100 is the Shot Quality standard expected of a tour player.

Fish's OTT (Off the Tee) Average Shot Quality was a very impressive 116 in round two.

2. Consistency

Across both rounds, the winner of several pro-am events was impressively consistent. No one area stood out as a specific weakness, which is a testament to what a well-rounded player he is. However, when looking at the combined Average Shot Qualities for the two rounds, it was his APP that came out lowest. This is confirmed by four of his six worst shots being APP.

3. Tendencies

There was a clear and predominant miss for the American over the two rounds. The majority of his misses for OTT and APP for both rounds were to the left, in particular his OTT during round one in which 57% of misses were left.

The shot he battled across both days was the miss left.

4. Putting

Over the two rounds, the Olympic silver medalist had three three-putts. All of these came in the first round and contributed to an Average Shot Quality of 87 for the day. In the second round, he didn't have a single three-putt, recording just 29 putts in total. He was also above the Tour Average for Putts Made Distance with 89ft.

Fish's second round putting performance was excellent.

5. Long irons

In a pre-tournament interview Fish stated that he'd been working specifically on his long irons in readiness for the event. This practice appears to have paid off. His Average Shot Quality for APP shots between 200-220 across the two rounds was a very impressive 115, the highest from all the distance "buckets" that Clippd uses.

Clippd: Mardy Fish's APP (Approach) game data at the 3M Open


Very solid but still some way off tour standard.