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Clippd To Become First Platform to Seamlessly Integrate Arccos On-Course Data

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Clippd To Become First Platform to Seamlessly Integrate Arccos On-Course Data

Clippd, the new data-driven performance platform that enables golfers to track and understand their whole game, today announced an agreement that will see it become the first consumer golf technology platform to seamlessly integrate Arccos on-course data.

To mark this new collaboration, Clippd is offering Arccos members a special deal: a 12-month subscription for the price of 1 month, including a free 45-day trial. Arccos also has a special offer for Clippd users to receive access to a free 45-day trial and a free set of Arccos sensors.

Clippd subscribers who use the Arccos performance tracking system will see their on-course data automatically loaded to Clippd, unlocking Clippd’s proprietary insights. These include Shot Quality, which measures the quality of every shot a player hits; Player Quality, revealing a golfer’s skill level overall and in each part of their game; and What To Work On, a data-driven priority list showing the importance to scoring of different skills, trends and opportunities to improve.

“We could not be more thrilled to work with Arccos on delivering this superb experience to the Clippd community,” said Clippd Co-Founder Piers Parnell. “Their pioneering shot-tracking and AI-driven technologies have helped pave the way for companies like Clippd to develop additive technologies in what is fast becoming a connected game. Both our companies are founded on making the game a richer and more vibrant experience for millions of golfers. As we continue to strive for that shared goal, this is a major milestone of which we are very proud.”

Launched in April, the Arccos On-Course Data API allows companies of all sizes to build products and services that leverage on-course data for any player in the Arccos ecosystem through an SSO authentication process.

“With more than 1.1 trillion on-course data points – including over 700 million shots taken by members during more than 15 million rounds played – the Arccos dataset is unrivalled in its depth and breadth,” said Dave LeDonne, Arccos Vice President of Product. “While OEMs have long leveraged the data for R&D and marketing, the new API unlocks a world of opportunities. Clippd is a perfect example of this vision coming to life and we’re excited to see this integration deliver great value to the growing number of players who are using both of our services.”

Clippd is being used by top male and female touring professionals, Division 1 College programs (including Wake Forest Women’s Team, 2023 NCAA champions), and everyday golfers who want to play their best. The technology is contributing to significant performance gains by all players in just a short period of time.

About Clippd

Clippd is a new technology business that has developed a transformative performance platform. Clippd gives players and coaches new and compelling ways to understand skill, to identify how each of us plays the game and to grasp what each player needs to do in order to improve. Clippd has been developed in collaboration with some of the world’s best players and coaches. The platform’s visual design illuminates each part of the player’s game, helping golfers at every level understand their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve. It enables golfers to focus on the right things in practice and connect with other players and coaches. By streamlining performance data from multiple sources into one platform, Clippd brings players, teachers and its partners the maximum benefit from the technology in golf. Clippd’s vision is to be a catalyst for a connected sport that is open, inclusive and progressive.

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