Clippd to assume the golf scoring and ranking services responsibilities for the NCAA

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Clippd to assume the golf scoring and ranking services responsibilities for the NCAA

Clippd, a leader in the golf technology industry, will be assuming the golf scoring and ranking services responsibilities for the NCAA.

Clippd is a golf data platform that provides performance insights for over 100 Division I, II and III college programs. Clippd’s success in college golf has been built on the company’s ability to innovate, scale and deliver exceptional results and service.

In September, Clippd was approached by Spikemark with an urgent request for help to publish scoring and rankings in a precise and timely fashion.“Our primary goal was to introduce the most updated technology platform for collegiate golf,” says Derek Freeman, Founder and CEO of Spikemark. “The complexities, including all divisions, formats, etc., proved more difficult than we ever could have anticipated. We made the decision to reach out to Clippd, a leading technology provider in the golf community, to assist us through our challenges.”

Clippd’s team of highly experienced technologists worked on rebuilding and relaunching the Spikemark website and mobile app, both of which have been live since September 27. Currently powered by Clippd’s data platform, the performance and reliability of both products have improved significantly.

To date, around 75% of all Division I golf tournaments completed in the 2023/24 season have been published, and the remainder of Division I, II and III are being added daily.

“By supporting Spikemark we were supporting college golf across the country,” says Clippd CEO and co-founder Piers Parnell. “With our expertise in golf, data science and enterprise software construction we are uniquely positioned to help.”

The Clippd technology behind the scoring and rankings is robust, reliable, and scalable, and can process the results of the 3,000-plus NCAA, NAIA and junior college tournaments that take place annually.

From the outset, Clippd’s goal has been to assist in delivering an improved experience for student athletes and coaches, their families, sponsors and, of course, fans of college golf across the world.

“We are confident that Clippd will lead us through technology challenges faced during the 2023 fall season, and serve as a valuable partner into the future, as well,” said NCAA Senior Vice President of Championships Joni Comstock. “The goal of this partnership is to fully deliver the quality services that our student-athletes and the college golf community deserves.”

The NCAA, in close consultation with its coaching community, will publish the first edition of Professor Mark Broadie’s new college rankings shortly after the end of the Fall season

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