How to upload Garmin rounds to Clippd

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How to upload Garmin rounds to Clippd

You can now upload your Garmin rounds to Clippd, which means Garmin users can unlock our game changing insights. It’s very easy.

Here’s how:

1. Download Clippd Capture to your device. (Clippd Capture currently works on phone or tablet).

2. Set up your golf bag in Clippd Capture.

3. Select 'Add Garmin Round' and follow the instructions. Make sure your Garmin round is 'Unlocked' in Garmin Connect (padlock icon) before copying the link into Clippd Capture.

4. When the Garmin round has been securely uploaded to Clippd Capture, check your shot data is correct, add missing data (indicated via the warning triangle) and your putts.

5. Once completed select 'Save Round'. Log into the main Clippd app and watch your dashboards light up!

This is an early iteration of our Garmin capability. Please share your feedback or any issues you encounter on the Clippd Community. Your feedback helps us to improve.