Clippd partners with Trottie Golf

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Clippd partners with Trottie Golf

Relationship will see Trottie Golf utilising the revolutionary analytics platform, helping golfers to better understand their games and how to improve

Clippd is delighted to announce a new partnership with Chris Trott, better known as Trottie Golf. A PGA Professional for more than 20 years, Trottie is renowned for working with the world’s best players on the PGA TOUR and being one of the most knowledgeable voices in golf equipment and fitting. The coach and content creator will become a brand ambassador for Clippd, utilising the analytics platform to help golfers everywhere to improve.

With Clippd’s innovative Shot Quality feature adding context to the wealth of raw data generated by golfers all over the world, Trottie will be able to better demonstrate to his audience how each of a golfer’s individual shots directly impacts their scoring. This Shot Quality data then creates a Player Quality score from which golfers can benchmark their performance against their peers. Through its analysis of a player’s Shot Quality and Player Quality data, Clippd creates a What To Work On practice plan, which Trottie will help his audience to fully utilise.

"For some time I have been using the What To Work On functionality to improve my own scoring” – Chris Trott

Trottie’s platform has long been regarded as one of the most detailed and informative for golfers looking to understand how to maximise their on-course performance, notably through the optimisation of their equipment. Clippd’s What To Work On feature will help to provide real world examples for Trottie’s audience, enabling them to see how he would attempt to improve performance when working directly with golfers.

Of the partnership, Trottie said: “It’s fantastic to be working with the guys from Clippd. Adding their on-course statistics to the launch monitor data that I already demonstrate to my audience will create holistic, tangible content – helping to solve realistic scenarios. Implementing Clippd into my own game was eye-opening in terms of clearly identifying the areas that I’ve perhaps neglected over recent seasons, and for some time I have been using the What To Work On functionality to improve my own scoring.”

Video: Watch Trottie using Clippd with a Full Swing simulator

"Chris Trott has a unique voice in golf,” said Piers Parnell, CEO and co-founder of Clippd.  “He's an authority in equipment and fitting and also one of the very best communicators and content creators in the game." 

"Trottie has been using Clippd to power his game for some time and one of most exciting aspects of our new partnership is Clippd enables him to pull together insights from the different golf technologies he uses. Using Clippd, he is able to demonstrate to his audience of serious golfers how to get better, and how to get the most from the tech they use. We couldn't be more excited about this partnership."

"Clippd enables Trottie to pull together insights from the different golf technologies he uses"

It is largely thanks to the Shot Quality, Player Quality, and What To Work On features that Clippd has become the go-to technology and analytics partner for more than 120 leading US college programs. Teams including college powerhouses such as Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, and Stamford have incorporated Clippd’s analytics into their own players’ development, creating an unparalleled level of understanding for student athletes as they look to take the next steps in their careers.

This rapid, and wide-spread adoption by the college golf network has led to Clippd becoming the scoring and rankings partner for the NCAA, the NAIA and the NJCAA, and the  3,500-plus tournaments these bodies oversee in the United States each year. 

Trottie will work with Clippd to identify patterns within this data, and to create content that is directly relevant to actual examples gathered from some of the world’s best young talent.

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