Clippd partners with the Peggy Kirk Bell Girls Tour

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Clippd partners with the Peggy Kirk Bell Girls Tour

Clippd is delighted to partner with the Peggy Kirk Bell Girls Tour, the largest girls only amateur golf tour in the United States. The PKBGT offers around 150 tournaments annually for female juniors aged between 9 and 19.

"I’m thrilled about this partnership with Clippd,” says Robert Linville, co-founder of the Peggy Kirk Bell Girls Tour. "This is a fantastic opportunity for the girls on the tour to truly evaluate their games.

“Clippd is the most intuitive game development program that I have seen,” adds Linville. “The What To Work On feature is a huge game-changer for players that want to know how to maximize their practice time.”

“Clippd is the most informative, most player-friendly, and most productive app that I have used” - Robert Linville, PKBGT co-founder

The PGKBT is an initiative of Girls Golf of America, a non-profit foundation whose mission is to create more effective competitive playing opportunities for girls. By utilizing innovative, yardage-based divisions instead of the traditional, age-based format, the Peggy Kirk Bell Girls Tour focuses on developing tournament experience at the player's pace.  

As the only LPGA Foundation Approved Tour, the PKBGT works in partnership with LPGA*USGA Girls Golf to grow their mission to empower young girls through the game of golf.

Robert Linville has done analytics on over 15,000 rounds from golfers that he has coached over the years. “Clippd is the most informative, most player-friendly, and most productive app that I have used,” he explains. “It’s simple to understand, while still providing the complex metrics that are extremely helpful for me as a coach. To sum up the value that I see is very simple: I will not take a new student unless they are willing to use Clippd.”

Through its RecruitPKB initiative, the PKBGT also strives to create exposure and help girls find the right fit for their college experience.

"Clippd’s success in helping women’s college teams to improve and our growing footprint in junior golf makes this partnership a great fit,” says Piers Parnell, CEO of Clippd. “We are delighted to be working with the Peggy Kirk Bell Girls Tour to deliver a unique and game-improving experience to aspiring female junior players across the United States. We share the PKBGT’s commitment and passion for elevating the golfing experience for young golfers and helping them to realize their potential.”

This year marks the 18th season of the PKBGT, which has experienced unprecedented growth. Participation on the tour has grown to over 2,500 members with multi-day events regularly featuring between 60 to 90 girls.