Team GSGA: Clippd partners with Georgia State Golf Association

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Team GSGA: Clippd partners with Georgia State Golf Association

Clippd's partnership with the Georgia State Golf Association will equip GSGA golfers with the tools they need to maximise their potential. By using Clippd, players of all abilities are better able to understand and enhance the parts of their game that lead to lower scores.

Clippd is a data-driven performance platform that enables golfers to track and measure their game, both on and off the course. More than 120 Division I, II and III golf programs currently use Clippd’s in-depth insights to plan training, track progress and drive improvement.

“We are excited to partner with Clippd and offer our members a proven technology platform to assess and improve their game,” said Matt Vanderpool, CEO, Georgia State Golf Association. “Golfers are always working to lower their scores and Clippd delivers the personalized insights golfers need to understand their game better.

We are excited to... offer our members a proven technology platform to assess and improve their game” — Matt Vanderpool, CEO, GSGA

"Through our partnership, we will be launching Team GSGA powered by Clippd, whereby our members will have exclusive access to join this unique community which will provide the ability to engage with friends and other golfers in Georgia to share progress and highlight successes along their golf journey.”

"We are delighted to be partnering with the Georgia State Golf Association to deliver a unique experience to their members,” said Piers Parnell, CEO of Clippd. “The commitment and passion shown by Matt and the team at the GSGA to elevate the golfing experience mirrors our own passion for helping golfers to play better. 

"Clippd's data insights allow players to understand their game, measure their improvement and demonstrate their skill levels like never before. We are proud to be announcing this partnership and creating Team GSGA, powered by Clippd, to offer golfers in Georgia a powerful technology that will help them to improve." 

“Clippd is a key part of how we develop our players" — Bruce Heppler, Head Coach at Georgia Tech

The Georgia Tech golf team was the first Div I program to use Clippd. Bruce Heppler, who is one of the most successful head coaches in college golf, says, “Clippd is a key part of how we develop our players. If you’re serious about getting better you should be using it.”

Last season, the Yellow Jackets claimed the NCAA SC Regional Championship before winning through to the Championship match at the NCAA Division I Finals at Greyhawk in Arizona. The team includes Christo Lamprecht, silver medal winner at the 2023 Open Championship at Hoylake and current World Amateur Golf Rankings No.1. 

GA Tech Head Coach Bruce Heppler with Christo Lamprecht

“What Clippd offers is superb,” explains Mr Heppler, who has led the GA Tech golf program for 30 years. “It’s very easy to use and it allows players to examine themselves – in detail and in every part of the game. I think that's critical if a player really wants to improve.”

“With Clippd, I get validation on what I do really well. I also know the things I need to work on” — Katherine Cook, FSU golf team

Katherine Cook is a sophomore at Florida State University. She learned to play at Glen Arven Country Club in Thomasville, Georgia, and won two State Championships with Brookwood High School, as well as finishing third at the 2021 Georgia State Championship. Katherine and her Seminoles teammates use Clippd to make incremental improvements in each part of their game.

Katherine Cook in action for Florida State

“With Clippd, I get validation on what I do really well, plus I also know the things I need to work on,” she explains, “That's how I've been able to grow and I've grown a lot since the time that I started at Florida State. I think Clippd is awesome.”

Padgett Chitty has returned to her home state for her final year of college golf. Formerly at Central Michigan, the Georgia State senior won the 2021 GSGA Women’s Matchplay title at Brunswick Country Club.

Padgett Chitty playing for Georgia State

“I started using Clippd in August and I absolutely love it,” Padget says. “Since I've started using Clippd, I can see exactly what is going on in my game, which helps me to work on the things that are going to really make a difference. It really has benefited me.

“I think Clippd would be fantastic for the younger generation” — Padgett Chitty, Georgia State golf team

“I think Clippd would be fantastic for the younger generation,” she adds. “I wish I had access to it sooner. What Clippd really provides those young players is a chance to actually see their growth. 

“When you're 14, 15, 16, there's so much growth within your game. Some juniors don't realize it. They might have a bad tournament and think they’re going to get to play collegiate golf. But that's not true. They can look at Clippd and see just how great of a player they are and how much they have grown.”

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