First Edition of New College Golf Rankings Released

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First Edition of New College Golf Rankings Released

Today, Clippd publishes the first edition of the new College Golf Rankings devised by Professor Mark Broadie for the NCAA. The rankings cover teams and individuals competing in all divisions of the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA. 

View the new College Golf Rankings here.

The guiding principles of the new ranking system are fairness, accuracy and transparency. In keeping with these principles, we have shared Mark Broadie’s detailed breakdown of how the new college golf ranking system works, and his answers to an extensive list of FAQs, which he also covers in the video below.

Publishing the new college rankings based on complete tournament data was the first objective Clippd set out to achieve after being asked to take over scoring and ranking services by the NCAA in mid-October.

Since then, Clippd has published results for 100% of NCAA Division I, II and III fall season tournaments, and 98% of all NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA tournaments that have taken place in the same period.

“Publishing the new college golf rankings is the first step in delivering an improved experience for the entire college golf community,” said Piers Parnell, CEO and co-founder of Clippd. “In time, this enhanced experience will include new and impactful data insights on college teams and players.”