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Anna Nordfors: Record-breaker

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Dan Davies
Anna Nordfors: Record-breaker

Anna Nordfors has her sights firmly set on the LPGA Tour. If her record-breaking performance in the recent UCF Challenge and her Clippd numbers are anything to go by, it’s only a matter of time. 

The Swedish international transferred to the University of Central Florida last year after graduating from Campbell, where she won four tournaments, including three in her senior year. ‘I felt like I needed a new challenge before I take the big step forward and turn pro,’ she explains.

After a period of transition during the fall season, which saw her miss out on her LPGA card at Stage Two of Qualifying School, Anna’s hard work paid off in spectacular fashion at UCF’s home tournament, the UCF Challenge. She led a stellar field in the individual event with rounds of 64, 63 and 68 to twice lower the program’s individual round scoring record. In the process, she also set a new 54-hole scoring record (21 under par) and drove the UCF women’s golf team to a record 54-hole team total and its best ever finish in their home competition.

Anna Nordfors celebrates her record-breaking win at the UCF Challenge

The UCF women’s team began using Clippd just before Christmas and Anna credits the technology for building her confidence, allowing her to make the most of her practice time and identifying exactly what she needs to do and where she needs to improve in order to make the next big step up in her career. 

‘I wasn't expecting it to come so quickly,’ she says of her most recent tournament victory. ‘Now, I feel very confident about what I've been working on. Clippd has just created a really big motivation inside of me. I really want to continue going. Obviously, shooting eight or nine under is not going to happen in every single tournament I play, but if I can make it happen four or five times a year, that's going to be huge, especially going into the professional game.’

How have you been using Clippd?

Anna Nordfors: I got to stage two of Q-School and it was really windy. It was a tough week, but it was a really good experience. Obviously I was disappointed. There were a lot of tears, a lot of question marks about what was going on because I feel like I was so close to making that next step. But I wasn't there yet and it was just so frustrating. I think I learned a lot of really good stuff, though. The week after, I was in Tallahassee with the Swedish golf team for a practice camp. We had a lot of really good talks to try to start to straighten out my shot shapes and learn how to control a fade and a draw. Then we got introduced to Clippd and I got super excited. I thought it was so cool. I started using it straightaway, putting in all of my tournament rounds from the fall to see where I was at and to see what I needed to work on.

‘I really like how Clippd gives LPGA benchmarks because that’s where I'm going to play in the future’

What did Clippd tell you?

Anna Nordfors: I really like how Clippd gives LPGA benchmarks because that's where I'm going to play in the future. I can see where I am right now and what I have to work on to take that next step. I've known for a while that my putting has been a big thing. You have to make a lot of putts within seven feet, and Clippd confirmed that. I can see my driving, I can see my approach shots, my chipping, my putting – Clippd is so specific. So, I've really been using it. I look at my stats after every single round. At the UCF Challenge, for example, in the first two rounds I had over 100 for Average Shot Quality on my putting for the first time and I was super excited. It's so cool to see I'm starting to get there. I can see I'm actually getting closer and closer. I know then that  all the things that I'm doing, all the things I've been using Clippd for, are making me take that step towards professional life. 

‘Clippd has made me really, really motivated. It’s created such a drive inside of me’

Have you seen performance gains because of Clippd? 

Anna Nordfors: Yes, because Clippd has made me really, really motivated. It's such a cool app. It's created such a drive inside of me. I even got my boyfriend, who is a professional golfer, to use the app as well. We played a lot together during the off-season and we were both putting in our stats. We would sit in the car on the way home, waiting for Clippd to update so we could compare. He loves it, I know that, and I love it so much, too. I think it's awesome. 

From what your coaches at UCF have said, Clippd has also become a conversation piece among the players. 

Anna Nordfors: Yeah, definitely. It's so much fun to see the best shots. We can all sit there and at dinner and compare Shot Quality scores. We always have a conversation about it. Now everyone is getting a much clearer picture of where they’re at. Clippd is a big discussion thing that we have after every round we play. We're all talking about it. It's a thing. 

Clippd shows how much Anna has improved in recent months

Coach Marron also told us that you are now using Clippd to structure team and individual practice sessions.

Anna Nordfors: Yeah, definitely. If we're using Clippd to be more specific with our practice, trying to improve certain areas that we can see in Clippd, I feel like everyone will get a better sense of purpose at every practice. It will be more meaningful instead of just going and hitting a few putts. 

What's the thing that you like the most in Clippd?

Anna Nordfors: The LPGA comparison is definitely a big one. That's awesome and really helpful for me because that's my next step. Another thing I really like is Shot Quality. I've worked with Strokes Gained before and that's just a number. Clippd has Strokes Gained too but I think Shot Quality is just more fun to look at. With Shot Quality you can see much more. It takes into account all the factors like wind, weather and course conditions for every single shot that you have. I haven't had that before in a stats program. 

Where do you want to be in five years’ time? 

Anna Nordfors: Definitely on LPGA tour. I'm going to play the Epson Tour as soon as I'm done with college and then hopefully qualify into LPGA after that. But in five years, it would be so cool to be close to playing Solheim Cup or even have played Solheim Cup already. I just want to be established on the LPGA and be able to live on my golf, travel around the world and play against the best players every week. It has been a dream for a very, very, very long time. And I feel like it's definitely possible to be there in five years.